The Visa Lottery (DV Program) is a program adopted by the American Congress that allows you to receive a “Green Card”. Drawing it gives a chance for permanent residence for the whole family with the right to work, free health care, education, retirement pension after ten years of work, transfer of property, and above all, the possibility of free visa-free travel to the States. Moreover, after one year, the person leaving the country is entitled to a social benefit and unemployment benefit. After five years, you can apply for US citizenship.

Our office has been professionally preparing and sending applications for 29 years. Ordering us to complete the application guarantees:

  • Flawless preparation of the content of the application;
  • Optimization of opportunities for the whole family – there are opportunities to legally multiply the probability of winning;
  • Timely submission of lottery applications;
  • Personal confirmation of application acceptance by the US Department of State specifying the date and time of sending the application;

On the 9-th of November 2021 registration period for DV-2023 was closed.