Thanksgiving Day

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States

Thanksgiving Day is the most anticipated family holiday in the USA.

It always falls on the fourth Thursday in November. Americans say Thanksgiving is about family, friends and good food.

These are meetings with the closest family members at one table, plentifully set with delicious, traditional dishes in an atmosphere full of joy, mutual respect and reflection.

Many people travel to their families during this time even on the other end of the USA, to celebrate together.

It can be said that Americans perceive Thanksgiving as a holiday more celebrated than Christmas. This is probably mainly due to the symbolism of gratitude that Americans show to each other that day. During Thanksgiving the whole family meets each other – just like in Poland during Christmas.

On Thanksgiving Day, the following traditional dishes cannot be missed: roasted turkey, bread stuffing, cranberries, green beans and sweet potatoes. For dessert, there is usually a pumpkin, apple or cranberry cake, which, served with whipped cream, is the perfect ending to this great feast.

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