Employer name: ShopRite 

Program Option: Full Sponsor Placed

Location: Rio Grande, NJ, Marmora, NJ


Company: Grocery chain with a large selection of items for sale. 


Community: 9+ million visitors annually to Wildwood (4 miles away). Chosen as one of Time magazine’s 50 authentic American experiences. A resort town located on the shore of New Jersey. 


Start date: 05/25 – 06/01 

End date: 08/30 – 09/30


Positions & Rates / Per Hour

Store Clerk – $15 (Overtime rate – $22.5)

Weekly Hours: 32 – 40. 



Housing and Transportation: 

Overview of housing situation – Apartment-style housing with shared kitchen and shared bathroom area. 2-4 people per room. 

Housing Fees –$150 per week (paycheck deducted) 

Housing Deposit – A housing deposit of $150 is taken from your first 3 paychecks ($50 each). 

Housing Deposit Refund Policy – $100 of your housing deposit is eligible for return the other $50 goes towards utilities. You must work full program dates and leave housing clean and undamaged. 

Transportation –You will take the NJ Transit bus to work 4 miles (approx.. 30 minutes) Cost is $3.20 round trip