Employer name: Two Mile Landing Restaurants And Marina

Program Option: Full Sponsor Placed

Location: Wildwood, NJ

Community: The ​island ​of ​Wildwood, ​NJ ​is ​a ​popular ​tourist ​destination. ​It ​is ​also ​very ​popular ​for ​J-1 ​students ​to ​work ​with ​many students ​from ​all ​over ​the ​world. ​It’s ​a ​beautiful ​destination ​in ​Wildwood, ​to ​be ​at ​the ​”Jersey ​Shore”, ​with ​its ​beautiful beaches ​and ​boardwalk. ​There ​are ​many ​beaches ​a ​short ​bike ​ride ​away, ​and ​busses ​that ​our ​students ​take ​to ​visit major ​cities, ​like ​New ​York ​City ​(2hrs), ​Philadelphia ​(1.5hrs), ​Washington ​DC ​(3.5hrs), ​and ​Baltimore ​(3hrs). ​Atlantic ​City, NJ, ​with ​its ​outlet ​shopping ​malls ​and ​casinos ​is ​only ​45 ​minutes ​north.

 Two ​Mile ​Landing ​is ​composed ​of ​2 ​large ​waterfront ​restaurants, ​The ​Crab ​House ​and ​the ​Two ​Mile ​Restaurant. ​We ​seat over ​1000 ​guests ​between ​the ​2 ​restaurants, ​and ​we ​are ​the ​busiest/largest ​restaurant ​on ​the ​island ​of ​Wildwood. ​The Crab ​House ​features ​3 ​bars, ​1 ​indoor ​dining ​room ​and ​3 ​large ​outdoor ​dining ​areas. ​The ​vibe ​is ​casual ​and ​fun ​and ​very family-friendly. ​Two ​Mile ​guests ​enjoy ​a ​more ​upscale ​dining ​experience ​away ​from ​the ​loud ​Crab ​Deck; ​with ​finer ​craft beers ​and ​wines ​and ​a ​softer ​setting.

Company: Restaurant.

Start date: 05/25 – 06/29

End date: 09/01 – 09/25

Positions & Rates / Per Hour

Food and Beverage Assistant – $5.26 + tips /hour

Cook – $17.00 /hour

Host/Hostess – $14.00 /hour

Dishwasher – $16.00 /hour

Server Assistant – $5.13 + tips /hour

Server – $5.13 + tips /hour

Kitchen Help – $15.00 /hour

Weekly Hours:  35 hours .


  • Motel.
  • Housing Fee : $130/week
  • Housing Payment Upon Arrival: $300.000. The security deposit is refundable if all of the following conditions are met: 1. The student has paid the rent and is up to date 2. The student has not moved out prior to the agreed upon date 3. The student has had the room inspected by motel management upon exit and the room is clean and trash and damage-free.
  • Transportation:  You will be able to walk/bike to work each day.